“The cure for cancer isn’t just medicine, it’s belief.”

As a seasoned professional speaker, as well as the host of The Business Power Hour™, a podcast with over 800 episodes, Deb is comfortable in front of a microphone, small group, or large crowd. Here is a sample of podcasts she’s been on discussing her diagnosis and cancer in general.

The Business Power Hour

Kathleen Caldwell interviews Deb Krier

Cancer and Comedy

Hosted by Dr. Brad Miller

The Wellness Driven Life Show

Hosted by April Chavez

She's Invincible

Hosted by Kamie Lehmann

Decoding the Conflict Mindset

Hosted by Dr. Debra Dupree

Aging Pearls Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Christie Hogue

Loud Whisper Podcast

Hosted by Isabel Draughton

Rounding the Bases

Hosted by Joel Goldberg

Showing Up: Perspectives on Cancer

Hosted by Tim Sohn and Erica Neubert Campbell

Master Your Life

Hosted by Kate McKay

Titling Tess

Hosted by Tess Kossow

The Business Power Hour

Talking with Julie-ann Pina, Cancer Coach for Business Owners

Women at Halftime Podcast

Hosted by Deborah Johnson

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Podcast

Do Whatever You Can to Serve Others

Murphey's Law

The Boob Report – Episode 18

Life Change, Friend Change?


Program 813

The Power Hour with CJ Grace

Work with Deb. Let's celebrate life together!