Our Story

“I don’t want to die until I’m dead.” 

Deb Krier is a coalition builder and warrior who is rewriting the playbook on how to LIVE with cancer. She has seen what happens when cancer has people and is on a mission to ensure that we are no longer “fine” with cancer by energizing our voices and expanding our choices.

Diagnosed in 2015 with Stage 4 Triple Positive Breast Cancer, she’s experienced the disconnection and despair of a system where cancer is the star of the show while people with the cancer are watching silently from the sidelines. Now, she is using her experience and expertise to kill cancer with honesty, communication, and collaboration.

She imagines a day when people dealing with cancer from all sides no longer fight their own battles, and instead create coalitions that honor each other, with selflessness and society.

With a wicked sense of humor (among other things, she’s named her various breast prosthetics!), her goal is to help other cancer warriors build their tribes of support. Her goal is to empower them through whatever their journey may be.

She is also on a mission to work with physicians and care providers to show them how critical it is for them to be a member of each warrior’s tribe of supporters. Not as the leaders, but as a trusted member, understanding all of their patients and what they truly need. They can save every life…not from cancer, but from a guarded, overcomplicated, and cancer-consuming existence.

Cancer is still not on her schedule. People are. Because when we treat the person, not the cancer, we win every time, no matter what the final results.

The Story of Our Logo

A warrior is a person engaged in a struggle – in this case, dealing with cancer. She is kneeling to plant her sword, signaling that this is where she is making her stand. She is looking forward, facing her future head-on. And while our warrior is female, men are warriors, too!

Our logo was created by the talented Mackenzie Hooks.

Our Tribal Leaders

No Warrior stands alone and it’s only with a Tribe that we succeed. These are the key members of our tryingnottodie.LIVE Tribe. We thank them for the invaluable contributions they provide.

Chief – the leader of our Tribe.

Deb Krier

Elders – wise leaders of our Tribe, providing wisdom and guidance.

Brian Basilico

Kathleen Caldwell

Cristina DiGiacomo

Cassie Gilmore

Kim Santillo

Jeannette Seibly

Kate Wiley

Mary McClure Wright

Josh Zepess

Healers – those who provide medical support and guidance.

Brian Haas, DO

Fran Kassak, RN, CRRN-R

Gena Volas-Redd, MD

Denise Wiseman, PhD, MBA, CPXP

Warriors – those who are on their journey as a cancer survivor.

Sheila Anderson

Catherine Avery

Robin Neal

Hunters – those who help gather the items we need to support the Tribe.

Dan McIlroy

Work with Deb. Let's celebrate life together!