Life is the only thing that can defeat cancer.

“Excuse me. That’s not on my schedule.”

I stared plainly at the doctor – half expecting her to reveal the punchline to a horrible joke, half hoping she read the lab results wrong. Either way, I was unwilling to process the news I just heard. I had cancer.

Ironically, cancer was no stranger to me. After years of working with the American Cancer Society and with oncologists, I was used to seeing people with cancer. Some of them had cancer, and for some, cancer had them. But it was always them…not me. Cancer is for people who smoke and live under power lines, right? I took a deep breath. I was not okay and yet I believed I would be. No more would I participate in a system where cancer was the villainous star and the people with cancer, like me, were watching silently on the sidelines. This was not living. This was waiting to die.

This is why I’m on a mission to help people no longer “be fine” with cancer by energizing their voices and expanding their choices. In other words, to truly LIVE!

It's time to join together

as a Tribe to build a community of support. It’s time to make the big “C” a whole lot smaller.